In all my years as a Burlesque artist, October has always been one of my favourite month's for performances. Halloween serves as the perfect occasion to push creativity and theatrics in performances. Last year I collaborated with Special FX Makeup Artist Dan Gilbert and prosthetic appliance maker RBFX Studio to create a brilliantly bloody Vamprye Act. This year I choose to take advantage of the season again and create an all new Burlesque Act just in time for Halloween, BEETLEJUICE!  

Glam Female Beetlejuice

the inspiration

In 2015 I had the opportunity to model for internationally published makeup Artist, Shanna Cistulli, in her "Glam Beetlejuice" makeup at Monsterpalooza. 

Shanna Cistulli is a visionary and trendsetter. Her work has been in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Iralia, Seventeen, Volition, Makeup Artist Magazine, and more.

It's was an honor to help bring her Glam Beetlejuice to life. Inspired by her work I'm recreating a female Beetlejuice with a bit of a grotesque twist this Halloween Season.

recreating Tim Burton's Vision

Tim Burton's style of dark, gothic, eccentric, and quirky fantasy films have always inspired me. In 2010 I attended the Time Burton Art Exhibit at MoMA in New York city and got to witness the creative genius behind the films. The exhibit traced the current of his visual imagination from his early childhood drawings through his mature work in film. The exhibit showcased rarely or never-before-seen drawings, paintings, photographs, moving image works, concept art, storyboards, puppets, and cinematic ephemera from all of this films, including unrealized and little known personal projects. As an artist this exhibit touched me deeply and inspired the theatricality you see in my performances today. 

act description

6 minutes

Original Beetlejuice music from the amazing score written and arranged by Danny Elfman,  combined with Custom Voice-Over Recordings, and finished with a contemporary twist. This original track has the necessary dynamic range fitting of such a lively and rumbustious character.

Classic striptease meets the vulgarity and crudeness that made Michael Keaton's lewd performance of Beetlejuice such an iconic character. 
"I wonder where a guy, an every day Joe like myself... can get a little Action!" -Betelgeuse

Bringing Beetlejuice to life
this halloween season

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