Saints Joints Product Review


I love Pre-Rolls. I love trying Cannabis from different states. And I don't think its any secret I love sparkly things. I've had my eye on this brand for a moment and was super excited to get my hands on these unique and gorgeously packaged Pre-Rolled joints from Washington. Thank you for the gift!! You know who are are ;) Sorry California Cannabis consumers, these little guys are only available in Washington. But if there is any argument for traveling out of state to get your hands on some primo Cannabis, this brand is definitely it!



Saints joints

Pairing luxury design with premium Flower in beautiful and discreet packaging.  

100% Flower Joints
High quality
Washington Clean Green Certified
Seattle Green Bud Product

Seattle Green Bud

This company is dedicated to making the highest quality cannabis products using only natural ingredients and practices.  They offer unique strains of first-rate flower and depending on your preference you can purchase their Cannabis in pre-rolled packs or elegant jars.  They even have a PRIDE PACK, which they donate a portion of the proceeds to EQUAL RIGHTS WASHINGTON, Love it! I was lucky enough to get my hands on their limited edition Multi-Strain Artist Series pack featuring the artwork of seattle-based artist Jeremy Fish.

At SGB we regard art and design as fundamental parts of life. For this reason we have created the Saints Artist Series to showcase and support some of our favorite artisits. Our premier package features original artwork from Jeremy Fish in his trademark street-culture style - striking a balance of art and craft that makes a true SAINT.
— Seattle Green Bud

Holograms + Cannabis
swoon worthy


Multi Strain Collection

SGB's attention to detail and beauty goes beyond the outside of their packaging. Opening up the pack you find 5 beautiful rolled and individually stamped color-coded joints. On the bottom of the box printed on hemp, is a lovely guide educating you on the lovely strains you are about to consume.


the strains

White Widow

Earthy and Woody

Pungent and Green

I'm a Sativa girl so I was super excited to try this strain, which is their most sativa dominant hybrid. Let me tell you... it did not disappoint! I had a powerful burst of euphoria and creative energy. I got really chatty, loved it! 

Strawberry Banana

Intense fruity flavor

Strawberry banana smell followed by the earthy aromas of a Kush strain. 

This strain is 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid known for its heavy resin production and high THC content. The effect was peaceful and sharpen my sensory awareness.

Critical Cure

Pepper and Citrus

Mellow with hints of sweet earth and lemon

Known for it's high CBD percentage, this indica dominant hybrid had a great body buzz. I felt deeply relaxed and at ease. This strain is definitely something I would smoke again after a long a physically demanding week of shows.


Dark Chocolate and Earth

Robust and Skunky

This 90/10 indica dominant hybrid went straight to my head and nearly instantly put me to bed, which was not a bad thing. I often have a hard time sleeping after the adrenaline of my late night shows, however, this strain helped me decompress and sleepy peacefully.

Kosher Kush

Super tasty Classic Cannabis Flavor

Floral and Rich

Out of all the strains in this pack, Kosher Kush was the only one I had smoked before. Known for it's high levels of THC, this strain is award winning and very popular here in LA. Thus I knew what I was getting into and chose to smoke it after a stressful day. The effects were just what you would expect from the strain... peaceful, relaxing, and sleepy.


happy smoking!!

-xoxo Miss Marquez