FEM: Female Empowerment Mixer


Thank You everyone who came out and helped make our first FEM: Female Empowerment Mixer a success!

A few months ago Micheal Spatola, creator of Lifestyle Boudior Photography, came to me with an idea... a Ladies Night unlike any other. A lot of female-centric events focus on retail. In my opinion personal fulfillment is not found in that handbag you can't afford or that pair of red bottom shoes. We wanted to do something different... a night focused on Motivational Education, Empowerment, and Sisterhood.

On Wednesday August 23rd
we made it happen!

Frogtown Brewery

Frogtown Brewery is a beautiful craft brewery and taphouse located near the scenic LA river. They have an amazing selection of unique beers that you can taste by 4oz pours or go all in with a full pint.

My personal favorite is the WAR ON SOBRIETY, a Double/Imperial IPA - 10.1% ABV 120 IBUs. I had a couple of these that night and although it didn't feel like war, I can say my sobriety was happily somewhat compromised.

Additional Thanks to...

Dollhouse Entertainment for showcasing their beautiful costume designs. You can find their online store HERE.

Kelly's BBQ for keeping our bellys full and sobriety in check with their amazing Texas style BBQ.

And DJ Dakota Ferreiro for keeping the music going all night long on the Turntables

Thanks to the amazing attendance we had, Mike and I plan to host another Female Empowerment Mixer in the next couple months! Stay tuned for more info and until then join our group on Facebook!

If you were at the event, we would love to hear what you thought about it!! Please feel free to share you experience with us in the comments below...