Family Thanksgiving Survivor Kit


Personally I love Thanksgiving. My Birthday always falls close if not on Turkey Day. I typically travel back to Arizona where my immediate family still resides. However the Holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people traveling in and out of airports, holiday traffic, fussy family members who are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that you take your clothes off for a living... Oh just me haha?? A little Cannabis can help ease these holiday tensions. Turn your Thanksgiving into DANKsgiving this year with these discreet and delectable Cannabis Products. 

The Discreet Dose:
Breez Mints

5 MG THC + 5 MG CBD  per mint

Don't want your relatives knowing your medicating?
BREEZ MINTS has got you covered...

At only 5mg of THC and CBD these low dose edibles are perfect for anyone who just needs to take the edge off.

Refreshing. Natural terpenes from cinnamon & peppermint give these little guys a minty fresh flavor that your most staunch Cannabis hating relative won't even detect.

These little guys are calorie free so you don't have to feel quite as bad eating that second slice of pie.

The Mindshifter:
Moonman's Mistress

Pumpkin Pecan Space Cake (Limited Time Only) 

Do you have a curious family member who loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes? 
Moonman's Mistress has jumped on the Pumpkin Spice bandwagon...

I would never encourage you to dose someone without their knowledge or consent, so BE CAREFUL with these guys. Unless of course you don't mind accidentally dosing your family meal.  Easily mistakable as another delectable holiday treat, it's probably best to keep these away from the dessert table.

At 10 mg per cookie break one of these bad boys in half and share with good ol' Aunt Marg. For the price and quality of these edibles you might want to get a couple boxes. Once Aunt Marg spills the beans, everyone in the family is gonna wanna try.

All the notes one loves in the classic Pumpkin Spice Profile. Earthy pumpkin, warm cinnamon, musky clove. The taste and smell of the Cannabis is completely undetectable under these nostalgic fall flavors. 

Sativa Hybrid • Emerald Cup Winner


The Heavy Hitter:
W Vapes Vaporizer

W Premium Vaporizer a revolutionary way to vape cannabis concentrates

Want something that hits like a blunt, but conveniently fits in your pocket?
W Vapes Vaporizer is your solution. 

The POD is made with Dual wick made of organic cotton providing increased airflow for bigger hits. The Battery is a long lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery with USB connector making it conveniently chargeable anywhere you go. The Body is made of lightweight aircraft grade 6066 aluminum. 

W VAPES has quite the selection of primo strain specific oils that pair with this perfect pod system freeing you from dealing with sticky, drippy oils. No accidental spills in your suitcase or travel bag! Pods avail in 10 different strains; including TRUE OG (Indica), SOUR DIESEL (Sativa), GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (Hybrid).

Expect strong clouds and heavy hits with this bad boy. The Pod seems to enhance the natural terpene flavors in the oil. No fake sweet flavor like you get in other vape options. Hit it right before dinner time and I expect it will be one of the tastiest Thanksgiving Dinners you've ever had. 

Bonus Recipe:
Marijuana Infused Rum Apple Cider


Recipe from Buzzfeed's Full Danksgiving Menu

Happy Danksgiving!