Every Sunday 3-4pm

at Hollywood Dance Center

Burlesque Classes Designed for EMPOWERMENT.

A Safe Space for Bodies of all Sizes, Gender, and Skill levels to experience the Power and Beauty of Burlesque.

What to wear

Workout or Dancewear that you can move freely in and that makes you feel confident and sexy.

Heels are not required.
Dancing in Heels is not an easy thing and it is important for the safety and health of you body to strengthen you ankle, knee, and leg muscles before strapping in. For Beginners I suggest bare feet or socks. 

Professional Dance Heels are the best option for the more experienced. If you do not have a pair and are interested in purchasing your own, Empowerment in Heels is a proud Brand Distributor of Very Fine Dance Shoes. As a brand distributor I get the shoes for up to 40% cheaper then what you can find online. Ask me about Very Fine Dance Shoes in Class!

What to expect

Begin the class increasing your flexibility and body awareness with set warm ups using Traditional Burlesque moves and techniques to tone muscles and build confidence.

Flow seamlessly into across the floor exercises learning to walk, strut and command the stage with conviction and feminine grace.

Through Improvisation exercises discover and explore your inner Burlesque Vixen in a safe, supportive environment. Tune into your own movement vocabulary and uncover your own individual expression of sensuality.

$15 cash or venmo.