Traditional Burlesque meets Cannabis Culture as Miss Marquez transforms into CannaMiss Marquez providing you with an experience unlike any other.
CannaMiss Marquez has been featured for her pioneering Cannabis Acts in

not just pasties

Miss Marquez is a passionate Marijuana advocate. Not surprisingly her work as CannaMiss Marquez encompasses more then simply being a burlesque performer. She also produces shows and provides entertainment for Cannabis Events and Brands.

Some of the companies CannaMiss Marquez has produced shows for include: 

Bloom Farms
Just say care
The Art of Edibles
Grass Feed
Cannabis Cabaret
Blazer Torch Products

Live & Original Music

It's no secret that Cannabis was an integral aspect to music during the Jazz and Rock Eras. CannaMiss Marquez alongside her band Herb Greene and the Marijuana Brass, take you on a transformative experience featuring the best of Marijuana inspired Jazz and Rock Music.

The Band's diverse repetroieincludes Cab Calloway's "Reefer Man " originally released in 1932 and Sublime's "Smoke Two Joints" specifically rearranged for CannaMiss Marquez's signature Act.

Specialty Performers and more

Thanks to an extensive career in Burlesque, Miss Marquez has access to some of the best talent Los Angeles has to offer.

CannaMiss Marquez provides a unique Brand of Cannabis inspired Live Entertainment including Burlesque soloists, Group Acts, Singers, Musicians, Specialty/Variety Acts, DJs, Photographers, and even a magician.
Whatever your needs are for your next Cannabis Event, CannaMiss Marquez will undoubtedly take it to a "Higher" Level.

Dan Standing by Sal's Car

Taking Burlesque to a "Higher" Level

With its origin during the Victorian Era, Burlesque was a term used to describe literary, dramatic or musical work that caused laughter by using caricature, parody, or ludicrous treatment of their subjects. When Burlesque was popularized in the United States between the 1860s and the 1940s the genre still kept those aspects through bawdy comedy and female striptease.

Miss Marquez considers burlesque the perfect platform to address the social and political issues revolving around Marijuana. By bringing Marijuana onto the Burlesque Stage as her Cannabis Friendly Persona CannaMiss Marquez, she hopes to lessen stigmatization and challenge the audience to re-evaluate their opinion about Cannabis. By being the first to pair traditional Burlesque with Cannabis Culture, Miss Marquez plans to shake up both the Marijuana and Burlesque scenes.  

The debut of her CannaMiss Marquez Act was featured in LA WEEKLY where she was described as the “Hardest-Working Woman in Burlesque” and a “Superheroine of the Art of the Tease”.